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Hai :U Mah name's Caz/Xeirano.. I guess I don't talk much? Definitely don't know how to describe myself. And I draw shytt. I've been told I'm nice/caring/fun (Really, I don't see it.), so feel free to chat a bit if you wanna. I won't bite~ Youknow,unlessyou'reintothatsortathing.

> v o

Baha. :'DDD

Don't be afraid to comment, I always read all of them, even if I don't reply. And I love all my fans and friends, and greatly appreciate you support and kindness C:

And haters, well they just make me famous. So hate away~

I've been having odd "episodes" lately, so if you're an old friend talking with me, and I don't seem myself.. It's most likely that at that moment I'm not.

Best way I can put it.


Loves: Jack Spicer.

Likes: Cookies, When the red water comes out of her x], Saladfingers, Television, SpoilsBerry Toast Boy, Rats, Metal/screamo/industrial/techno/post-core/ect.

Does Not Like: ... What I don't like < D&gt;

Hates: Humans.


Currently am Not taking requests. Please don't ask.

Art trades are always open.

I always mention the song in a flipnote & the description, instead of asking, try paying attention?

Read the description(if there is one) before you comment. That's just common sense.

Excuse me if I sound rude at all, but many people on this site just tick me off.