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Hullo thar!! ^^

I'm Audio Scars, but call meh Soni since that's mah name.

I have a habit of going on and arguing is one of my strong suits, so don't start any crap with me. You'll be regretting it later. XP

I have a brother who enjoys taking over my DS so expect to see some VERY weird usernames. ^^;

My dream is to be a dentist. That's why I need to keep up my grades. XD So the inner nerd within me may come out when she feels appropriate.

Currently my DSi charger is being an a**hole. So I have to use my friend's charger. But it's not her's but her little brother's. So I can only get it once in a while so I won't be on as much as I used to be. XD

I XD a lot. Get used to it. XP

I love all the people who faved me. And I need some more haters. My current ones are starting to like me. Apply for position on any one of my flips.

Thanks for reading my profile crap, I'm hoping you're not a stalker. \(^D^\)