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I am a Ute Native American!!!!

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I am a Ute Native American!!!!

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I am soon deleting this profile and starting a new one. I have been reported and have lost my privilege to write comments. All my comments that I wrote before I got banned are deleted already... I am so sad and angry. I guess most of my fans are angry or sad but don't be. Roll-tide, just don't bother me... I think you should just not bother me because you are cool but you cause me a lot of stress. I am a Ute Native American. So my new profile name is xxINSANExx. I will create this someday because I am very busy with school and all that jazz... But for now, I will continue kinda using my profile.... Goodbye from xxZOMBIExx }_{


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I can sing opera!


Ute, English

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