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hello peeps let me tell u 12 years old im a girl and like 2 draw......i dont have goals cauze i dont really care bout it.......just wanna draw better and be a great artist when im older but i REALLY wish i can bring my drawing memories 2 reality cuz ive got one big of an imagination well........u dont know cuz cant make it happen.......yet *sigh*

Info bout me: hmmm.....SF,MV,Series,drawings,Sprites, almost everything u see in Hatena XD i barely do collabs, but i do them if im bored outta my mind


Likes: drawing and the line above XD

GOAL: to become a good (excellent) artist/drawer.....once that happens, i might, MIGHT quit Hatena, because thats y i dont quit nor care about the starz....the only reason im still here is so i could practice drawing.

More 2 follow,

~Bad apple/Bad Yatsu


I just trapped/locked my bio, so u CANT steal or copy and paste it on ur bio XD