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It's so hard to explain what's going on in my life... so I won't even try. Suiicide haunts me...

List of some favorite Alesana lyrics quote:

"Do you remember me, and our beautiful affair? Look in my eyes and, honesty tell me, our love is gone. Why have you turned your back on me?"

"Ice runs down my veins as I stand face to face with, the, one who stole it all. Compassion is not an option."

"You better get the coffins out, trust me kid that's where you're sleeping tonight"

"I'm the one who has to swallow water, that's what I get for chasing after. You should be hanging by your neck, swinging there silently"

"Am I the first to be fooled by, your dirty little trick. I guess I should have seen this coming, I will not forget! I will not forget!"

"My angel close your eyes, I'll be your lover tonight. Pitiful lullaby, I'll be your lover tonight."

"It is quite clear you despise me, by showing your face here. And you never even told me, why you disappeared. Why you disappeared!

It is washed away."

"Telling me you want me, do you want me? Telling me you want me, do you love me?"

"You will be sorry when, he spills the bloood from your throat. You'll be torn limb from limb, Traamp!"




June 26th

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Drawing,playing with my doggy, hang out with friends.

Special skills

Bark [XD yeah i can], play guitar, piano, and the viola.

Draw wolves. Know animals by heart.


English and English and English.. did i mention English? And oh yeah! English. Animal languge.


My doggy, 9 months old, miniture pinsher. Smal....

Named after Misty...


My doggy, 2 years old,a poodle, white curly fur, small.

Named him after pokemon trainer Ash.

Rescued. With Luna. Used 2 be named Sol.


My other dog I will begetting soon.With Ash!

Rescued from the steets. Poodle, brown, 2 yrs. Never will get :p

YouTube xXBadWolfieXx


Animals liked Wolves