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Well, My name is Midna, Of course, I like to draw..

I'm a very random uh..artist? I don't think im very good. But I try! I do Digital Art and Paper Art.

My favorite color is Black. I love Anime Manga. I plan on being a Photographer though. I'm not all that famous. But my goal is to become famous. Not in wealth wise, but in feeling wise. Or such, Just to be known.

My favorite Kind of music is Metal/Rock such as:

Three Days Grace, Alesana, My Chemical Romance, Owl City, Linkin Park, Nickle Back, Bullet for my valentine, Vocaloid, Death Cab for cutie, Panic! At the disco, A vain attempt , Rise Against, Green day, and more.

I'm NOT Emo, But people think I am. ( Stereotypes >.<)

I'm more of a Gothic Otaku.

I love anime/manga like:

Shuffle, DearS, Full Metal Alchemist, Lucky Star, Noein,

Midori Days, Ordan High School Host Club, Galaxy Angels,

Hetalia, and more!

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