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Hi! iHola! Bonjour! Guten tag! Ni hao! Konichiwa! Anyo! ... :P

Now that we had a friendly introduction, i'll introduce myself:

Yo! Hey I'm Zoozool! ^_^

Yeah, basically, I love drawing manga, reading manga and especially watchingg animes!!

I mean, cmon.. who wouldn't like watching animes? They're awesome ;D


Ouran HSHC < this is the SHIZ! ;P

Lovingg K-POP! ^_~

BIGBANG - their music is AMAZING!

Chibi's are KAWAII ^-^

Birthdaay: 30th October °3°

Yer Yer Yer >_<

So.. yeah thats just a bit about me and if you have any requests of drawings just tell me and feel free to correct my drawing errors. Thank you :D

Great; so comment, and GIMME STARS T_T

love you all really :) x

Upcoming flips;

÷Dark Raven:part 2