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william muderface muderface muderface muderface.

i really got nuffin to say:3gigity gigity,gigity goo. _________________________________________________________________________ ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆

 │?│ /?/


 │? /?/─┬─┐





?????? Put this on your profile

???????If you love to laugh! xD



I'm Greek, Italian, and Irish.

i can draw wolfs awsume.

i love anime,Pokemon, and pie,also family guy.

my Facebook is, Kennedy Hurley. i have a pic of my dog as a profile pic ( it's a husky pup). im 13 going on 14. i live in Buffalo,new york

the 13 most major city in the US of A! LOL ;). i go 2 Ben Franklin Middle school! tell me if u live in buffalo,or go 2 my Middle school.


- osiris