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Why are you on my page? Get out! D:<

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Creepy Roc

Why are you on my page? Get out! D:<

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Hello filthy Earth scums, I am Roc, an Irken of the Invader class. I am retired, but I still do my duties and stuff. Well not really. Skittles, Zieck, my friends and other crap are huge distractions for me....oh well. My creator loves to draw, she loves yaoi, Invader Zim, and other stuff she told me to type....but I can't remember. Anyway, Zieck's here I should go...bye!



Hobbies you say? Drawing, animating, writing, using the computer, watching Invader Zim, Sgt.Frog, and any other of my fav shows (yes, watching TV is a hobby).

Special skills

Drawing, animating, writing, basically my hobbies ARE my special skills. Including watching TV. Yes, it can be a special skill...I guess.


English and learning Spanish.