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Totally friendly, kindhearted and loving, clueless and curious, fun finding fallen angel!

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Totally friendly, kindhearted and loving, clueless and curious, fun finding fallen angel!

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Yosh! (It means "All right" in Japanese but I use it to say hi as well) I am Zixmix! I am a GIRL and I am currently sixteen. (No, I won't say when my birthday is) My O.C.'s on here are Drazule the dragon type pokemon that I made up (a seraphite) and then Drazy the completely clueless fallen angel who is just fun an adorable. (Drazule tends to be on the serious and sophisticated side) During the school year I am usually MIA, but now that summer is back I am RTG! (Ready to go!) I love drawing a lot and love watching others improve over time. One thing I am changing is that I no longer will be taking requests. I will however enter contests from time to time and maybe do some of my own spontanious art of friends and such. Just please don't make me feel guilty for not drawing you something because I may have forgotten by saying things that are selfish for the entire world to see. Then I feel pressured like I can't turn you down and retreat to a corner of stress and don't get anything done for a while. I would like for all of us to just get along so please, let's all just be friends and I will try my best to provide you guys with art and animation that you will love!

Also my main characters are Drazy, the wingless angel; Black, the lost soul; Drazule, the dragon; and Ember, the trainer whom has yet to appear. Also starring in the flipnotes will be a surprise from both Pups and Trimaster (who star in my series (already written out so don't ask about being added, sorry). That's about it! Ciao!

Full name

Drazy Dreamheart (Not real name but I'm also a cautious person)


Female (In real life as well! Duh!)


16 (turning 17 this year!)


... I will say it is in september, but I will not disclose the actual date... I don't want others to make a big deal out of it...

Blood type



Nanny, Housecleaner, Chouffer, Artist, Animator, Lalala like anything! I am also a pianist and a part time superhero fighting the battle against the terrible war with... the MESSY ROOM! Dun dun daaaa! (I think the room is winning...)


Still in High School. Yup, I'm gonna be a junior for the year 2012-2013

Place of residence

Some place out yonder in Tennessee. I used to live in Texas, and before that Hawaii, and before that Missouri, and before that Idaho, and before that Kentucky and before that...

Place of birth

Pocatello, Idaho!


Art, piano, sining, writing, and being friends!

Special skills

The ability to forgive and forget and to be a good friend! ^U^


English and partial Spanish. (After three years of it you'd think I'd be fluent but when some person starts a yackin'...)

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