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Hello! ^^ <3

Name: RozenGirl

Real life name : Vivienne (Vivi)

Birthday: 25/2

Living: In Dublin, Ireland

Ambition on Hatena- I want to become a popular creator because when I do I'd try to get everyone on Hatena to be inspired in animating and drawing and find their talents.I believe everyone out there has more than one talent. ^^

Category: Anime/manga.

I draw because drawing is my only reason of expressing my feelings because I'm the person who keeps quite about my feelings unless I can't hold them back ^^'

Languages: a bit of Spanish, Fluent arabic, Fluent English, A lot of Irish (its one of my favourite school subjects XD)

Personality: I'm the ungirly type XD

Im too brave, I cant sense danger , Don't like teddy bears or dolls when i was little, I loved cars and building blocks(XDDD) , I try to be as lady like as i can but i always end up as a loud, laughing and giggling 24/7 kind of person XD

Likes : Anime and manga, action and comedy movies , I love trying out different foods (even though i never ever seem to gain weight DX) , different languages and cultures, Music , The cinema , cute songs , AMAZING ANIMATIONS,Jedward XD etc etc :D

Dislikes: false reporters , copiers etc etc

Music- Evanescence, Coldplay , Linkin Park, OneRepublic, Taylor Swift, ADELE!!!! , P!nk , Skylar grey, Christina Aguilera, Nancy Ajram, Elissa , Drake Bell , Avril lavigne , Leona lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J , Beyonce , Yiruma , Ai otsuka, Flyleaf , Pramore , Ayumi Hamasaki and Selena Gomez (and a few others) :D