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UpDaTeD again...~//~29/07/12 :p

Hi people, ^^

My name is Aaron,

I have been on Hatena since sometime round August 2010,

so for about 2 years now.

I'm 15 years old.

My birthday is the 13th of January I'll leave you to figure out the year ;]

And I live in England.

Chelsea FC through and through and through again.=)

Kings of Europe but finnished 6th in the premier league.(I'm not gonna lie that deserves a good LoL. (^-^))

I am about to start my 5th year in high school.

I have various hobbies including drawing,

though i'm not very good so i just try to make up for it with my animation which isn't great either. ^^'

BUUT I am always trying to and am determined to improve. I am constantly inspired by my friends here on Hatena and by alot of other creators.

Though most of my ideas are scrapped and lost in the memory of my SD card never to be witnessed again.

Because they are truly that bad. XD

I also love sport i currently do Football, Badminton, kickboxing and sprinting.

and i love reading literally any novel as long as it's not too realistic or childish, basically i like fiction and sci-fi. :)

I like listening to music in my free time,

i like the 'red hot chili peppers','gorillaz','radiohead','Kasabian','Noah and the whale','modest mouse','newton Faulkner','EMINEM (Best rapper alive.)','bon iver','Ben Howard'.'Johnny cash' and a few others....

i'm not very interested in most of the cheesy pop artists but occasionally i'll find a song in the charts catchy though not very often.

10 amazing songs: (This is becoming quite a list XD)











simply too good, and thus concludes my list :)

As you can probably tell by now, i love music ^^

Anyway thanks for reading this and i hope you enjoy my flips.

although it might take a couple years at a time for me to post a flip.

They will appear on Hatena sometime, maybe tommorow.

Thanks again,

Bye =)

Sorry for not being on Hatena lately though i'm guessing by now literally over half of my friends at least have probably left. XD

Making this update seem... well a little pointless, although i have noticed that at least about 4 people have added me since i last checked so thanks for that :D

but i do have a lot more tests next week(GCSEs):|

Well actually 5 in 5 days sooo i'm kinda screwed ^^'

But i should be back on Hatena soon and posting flips more regularly as well considering my drawing skills have increased since my last flip.

Anyway goodbye for now. ^^

Back now should be producing some flips again sometime soon :)