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Hiya People Of Hatena! Im Luna And I Hope You Like My Flips! If You Want To Know More About Me Read Ahead! If Not, That's Okay, You Don't Need To Read Ahead ѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼѼ pumkins >w>

Favorite Book/Series: Dramacon -- Favorite Food: Sugar Cookies

Favorite Drink: Bubble Tea -- Hobbies: Drawing And Singing

You Would Usually Find Me On: Club Penguin -- Favorite Color: Mint Green

Favorite Song: Moves Like Jagger -- Favorite Singer/Band: Maroon 5/LMFAO :D -Hatena Bestie: Sm:)e -- Highest Ranking: 3.239 (thank you!!)

Okay That's All I Can Think Of Right Now Thanks For Reading... I Bore You.... =^='




January 21