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"The Guy who draws Meta Knight really good"

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Arakune スター数

"The Guy who draws Meta Knight really good"

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✦Namaste, Read the following Bellow✦


  • Experienced member since: Oct 27, 2009
  • Becoming more inactive due to schedule, considering the lack of wi-fi.


1.) FAVE/ADD: Choice to and I definitely don't want a unnecessary too big of a list to scroll down for names. Asking to be fave is like asking for stars or begging to inspect your profiles. I try my best but, I can't be on 24hrs a day because I follow a daily schedule and use Flipnote Hatena on free time than a life time job.

2.) RANK: No intention nor care of being number one under any circumstances. Rank is a fun competitive system that Hatena has to display the Hatenas' User's progress.

3.) STARS/COMMENT CONCERNS: I don't star beg, I constantly have to remind the viewers so I know to either improve or just move along with other projects I have waiting. Sorry I can't add more stars to you all who deserve them regardless of the work good or bad because,(there's always credit for trying). Stars are always optional and same with comments. Just be aware they are on public display onto the users profile.

Reminder: I star the positive comments I've already read and reply back when I can.

4.) SPIN-OFFS/STAR SCAMS: No interest into editing previous work done by others especially, if it is stolen even without the Purple symbol being present meaning not original. There aren't always bad spin-offs as long as credit is given to the original owner or if it's looped with their own creativity. Lastly, Star Scams are dishonorable to Hatena; at least give credit to reduce hateful feudalism thus, further conflicts.

5.) DESCRIPTIONS: I'll always have flip details or highly preferred descriptions with brief info that can possibly teach you of what the piece was drawn from and how long it took me with credit to the companies with all the inspiration I had from it.

6.) CONTESTS/REQUESTS: Sorry, kinda busy and too much pressure on me.

7.) CHANNEL: Thank you all for making it popular. Best of thanks to everyone including my friends who keep getting better and learn as they practice more finding ways to improve each time they post. Be free to use it anytime and I'll be checking weekly on my Channel: Arakune and Friends/Fansლ(^ω^ლ)

8.) LOCKED/unlocked Flips: If the flip note(s) locked, its' locked. Unless, you wish to try to convince me with all your heart and soul.

9.) FALSE REPORTERS: (It's called Fan Art; lost flips during the passed Months.) Also, I have to relink current flips. Unfortunately, I lack my old citizenship.


I'm very grateful to announce thanks to all the friends and viewers for all the gifts, faves, views, links, downloads and the "rare color" Star(s) also, the respect that is shown in your heart warming comments and star amounts. You know who you are. No need for shout outs. Nothing at all can keep up with my appreciation towards everyone's support.

I'll drop by every once in awhile to post some of my work little by little and I'm never in the hurry to post more of my work, because I take my time. Glad I inspired many few of you and thanks for taking time to read this. (Seriously.)

God Bless, much obliged viewing everyone's creativity.





December 22nd


Drawing and playing video games next to music listening

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Advertisement, drawing/sketching, graphic and designs,

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