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I am a Male, 18 years old.

I chat lots, I Draw and Make flipnotes when I'm bored and or inspired/Motivated and I Don't really care how many stars or fans I have on flipnote hatena. Friends are much more valuable than stars and fans to me because my friends are everything to me.

One of the only ways to get on my bad side is if you doing anything bad to any one of my friends.

I also have a Deviant Art If you want to check that out.

My current Deviant art acc name is Soulflawz

I plan on saving money for a good drawing tablet, some software like photoshop Cs6, Which would cost me quite a bit of money And A b3 electric guitar + some pedals and effects that would probably cost around 4000-7000$. I will most likely be more active on deviant art Than I am on here.