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Hello people of the world! My name is Roxy Smith, and I'm a published children's author & poet. Let me just tell you a little about myself:

I like cheese

I like cheddar cheese

I like cream cheese


Anyway... If you'd like to be my friend on any other websites, my Usernames are:

MovieStarPlanet- Roxy Rules!

Google mail- (This is my e-mail)

Club Penguin- Ringoing

Panfu- Blackeyedpeas4ever

Moshi Monsters- Blackeyedpeas4ever

Uhh... there are more, I just can't remember them (lol). If you want to buy my 1st published book (I wrote it 7 years ago when I was 9), type in your search browser: Faith Adams-Wright. It will then come up with a WHSmith website with my book. It's only 6 pages long, but that's because it's a 3 year old's book. OH YEAH! Subscribe me on YouTube: Strangerrules.


I'm crackers about CHEESE!

Still here?

Have a cookie!