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My name is Jessica, but just call me Jessi. I kinda hate my name....

I'm 22, and I don't think I'm too old for nintendo based activities.

I'm not revealing my height,because like Edward Elric, I'm self-concious about it.

I love, love, love anime and manga and have a library that I built up over the years.(All at the expense of my poor paycheck!)I work at WalMart.(Grrrrr I hate the brown-nosing there)

I do flips whenever I can. I prefer that if people have nothing nice to say to not say it at all(besides warning others of stolen and starbegging flips)

I love the work that goes with making flips, but I warn you I can be very, very twisted and dark.I know I have a darkside and I'm not in complete control of her.(I'm insane, I know....)

Nobody should make an enemy out of me.(forwarning can only be fair)

I do have an deviantart.http://asagi-luna.deviantart.com/

I'm half-german and part cherokee and choctaw native american. The two make a very volatile mix when it comes to my temper. (I even kicked open my own door -_-' you don't want to know)

Haha sorry. I sound like a freak......