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Getting back to posting on hatena more often :)



This is Akaraah. A goal of mine is to become a great American/international cartoonist. Or as a younger me would put it:


I have quite a love for all that is cartoon, especially older shows I didn't appreciate as a child. I am the proud creator of the God Like Strength (GLS) series on hatena and many more to come! I aspire recognition here for my creative identity on hatena simply for this number one reason:

1.) I seek to set a foundation for myself. Journeying first here... Who knows where practice may take me, in more ways than one.

As I get the kinks and jigs out of my work I'll progressively get better at the ability to convey stories. In reality, I've always had problems getting them on paper, all my ideas and such. Always reassuring my bro. with each new scene I do of my plans... Ironically... Quitting within weeks(as in production), I just slow down and quit :(. I dunno' why... So in reality, this is my first time being (or attempting to be) dedicated and staying on top of my work. With friends and fans here, it makes it more worth it. With that out-in-the-open, I still grasp hold to my ideas dearly, however I just lose steam. So this is sort of a way to try at breaking that bad habit of mine. I may be slow so bare with me... But being slow is better than failing to deliver at all, wouldn't you agree?

MY MATERIAL(objective, not possessive): Noticeably, unlike most of hatena, I don't do stick figures or anime. I always try at my own thing so my style(s) and trends change as I'm seeking "myself" in it. When alot of user stick to a traditional or redundant style on hatena, I try my best at being a little different. The idea of Story board-qualified material is a goal I always aim at. Though I won't post up just anything on hatena, I at least try to make the story extensive. My stories aren't generic, so don't expect to see too many similarities to other works out there. As a compliment to that, there always seems to be some people who fail to understand my work. Feel free to ask me (almost) anything and I"ll answer to the best of my ability.

What I am about: My stories usually all boast a universal theme about life, nature and sometimes spiritual nature. With titles such as "God-Like Strength" I hold true to that. When it comes to my stories in general, I usually revolve them with Promethean, god(s), etc., but I've been trying to be less serious with my latest "coming attractions". What I've been making more of are 'toons' and other traditional American cartooning styles on hatena. I don't know how well I can do it so wish me luck. I am readable but in a very limited way. So on and so, when I use prometheans, Gods, etc. in my stories I refer to them in a more peculiar way than most. As opposed to Gods being treated as significantly greater beings, I choose an outlook than makes them seem more 'lively' than godly and unapproachable havens of life. I do so by taking advantage of genres such as fantasy and sci-fi mix. I don't make actual full reference to religion, specific denomination, or branches of science, so you will most-likely NOT be offended. My art style isn't at all Anime based, nor American originated. I take attributes from both sides of the plate. American fusion art in other words. American art with Japanese influences for those who don't know. However, I can reside one style for the next (or at least to a limited degree), or do what I can, because there are some styles I'm just incapable of period. So please, if you have trouble understanding my work, ask questions on my most recent upload, it makes it easy rather than just fuss or leave no comment. Most of the time people do that ;). I have a channel here on hatena, created by a friend for my God like Strength series, please give it a view for all direct GLS updates and series entries. Thank you all.


At The Current (ATC):

Enrolled in college.


I don't really see fame in itself so great, but in reality I am less noisy than my peers. What I AM trying to do is see what I can do here on hatena as in gathering or concentrated APPEAL. I am not some major attention seeker or star beggar. But what I am is someone who experiments with results a bit. If I can catch the good eye of fellow users here on hatena that's pretty cool, because one day I could eventually do it in real-life with BIG projects as well and have more than a 50% chance of success :). If you don't understand, think of it this way :o...

If you can make plenty of hits from being "an underground" artist, imagine your strife or comfort in the open world. :D With that said, please don't think everyone in the open world will acknowledge you the same. Not to discourage, but the open world can be... A bit harsh. Don't blame me! So be your own entrepreneur :D


Contact: I will not share contact information at the moment, but I encourage you that the username in use has been used on a variant number of services. This information serves no purpose to you if you seek no further communication beyond flipnote hatena. I encourage that only friends I've made here make themselves known to me otherwise I will be reluctant to commute with you. Note, I may create an e-mail specifically meant for contact with hatena users. I will include it here on my profile information if I see through with this. I would also suggest contacting me on deviant art for idea exchange. :)


Schedule (PRIMARY):Updated! (07/20/11)

Isch' May's college decision

Birthday flipnote

Akaraah gets a 3DS

The Legend of Ugandhi trailer (Working Title)

A Lover's Escapade (A three part special)

GLS Opening Theme Season one






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHANNELS: As much as I appreciate your linking and posting everyone. Do not use the channels if your flipnotes are unrelated -_- It kind of defeats the purpose don't you think? I won't consult which channels are being abused but if you are the one who is doing it (I check out the posters profiles I might add) just ask me to create a channel if you want to post your work there. :) See? No harm done whatsoever, thank you.


Godlike Strength (the series): 2011

GLS may not be (directly) resumed on hatena.

How to interpret GLS: Well GLS is sort of like a marvel style story with youthful characters that would be popularized in manga. I didn't want an anime, or some flashy-yet typical American action show, so having said that, I can't help about my art style or your personal preference on how I should have drawn it. My character designs aren't supposed to be manga oriented or extremely chiseled like in American action series. It's sort of a mix of what is appealing about both so suck it up (lol). This is going to be my way until I no longer see it fit so don't stress over nothing. :)


GLS takes place in a future in an alternate universe.

Why a TBA release? Because it will give me time to work on the GLS series on hatena LONG enough to have at least have one episode and one half of episode 2 complete.

Each part of GLS the official hatena series is 1/10 (10 parts each, and under various circumstance will GLS extend beyond 10 parts a chapter)

Comic-If I do make the comic, I may upload it somewhere else than hatena or if you choose to follow me that far

I will type up elusive summaries every once in a while.

Especially to those WAY TOO IMPATIENT to wait for the story to unravel

The comic(more info) will obviously be longer, better, and easier to understand than GLS hatena, minus the animating. I'll have a "previous" story to work with. Therefore, consider all of what you see, drafting of my comic. Which is funny, because the show usually comes after the comic of a series if you've noticed. The comic and "show" will co-exist alongside so you can still look forward to an animated GLS.

GLS summary: On part 11 we saw that Raseph has to make his way to Sin by propelling with force. As Sin awaits Raseph's arrival his followers are conspiring to dispose of Raseph so Sin's newly revealed plan to claim what use to be the Grand Canyon can see-itself-through. A glimpse of part 12 reveals that Raseph has run into some trouble. Could it be part of Sin's plan or what his followers whipped up? Time will tell!


Current Series(involvements):

Godlike Strength

Woman vs. Demon


And More***

Thanks for visiting. ;D