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Hello~!! I see you guys are wondering Who am I. (Ofc thats what this About me Descript is for. I'm so lame..) I'm ~Oreosオレオ~ (In case you don't know, "オレオ" is Oreo in japanese I think..)You can call me Saige or Orii, or whatever you like to call me.. I'm Female, I am over a hundred years old. I can't spell worth Sh--, my grammer sucks,I'm gulliable, I'm Weird, Sometimes i believe I can't speak english, I say "Sorry" alot when I feel like I'm bothering someone, I'm clumsy, I don't get jokes, nor am I good with them, I ruin the mood of people that i try to conversate with, I can't Read. I used to love it. But my parents don't encourage me to read anymore. I have One dog, and Two Parakeets, Btw, they're two birds just in case you ask me why did I tell you that Obvious answer? Because Whenever I do tell people, they ask me What in the world are Parakeets. It's annoying. I have a Twin. I'm the only girl in the household of 3 brothers. I'm a Happy person. And Who cares, Right?


My Favorite Color is Red, LOVE chocolate, I like to sing,Draw,play piano,and talk. Make friends. Hate being bored, it sucks.. Listen to music. AND AND IDK.


Songs I love All sorts of Genres but for Country and Screaming music.

A little more about myself:

I Live in U.S.A. I'm not a after school person or really an going to school person.. Lazy, Likes VolleyBall, Lazy. I Told You I was lazy right? e_e; I sound so boring.. Ok. I'm not a boring person D: .... at all..