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lol hey Im Alicia. i like music, drawing, hanging with friends, and makin flips 4 u. My birthday is April 4th. im now in the 9th grade and is a California girl. Yes, Alicia is my real name. (a-lee-see-ya) not like how you pronounce Alicia Keys :( mine is espanol. :D My dream is to one day be an animator/cartoonist. have a cartoon TV show on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

Hey and could you guys do me a flavor? Favorite my friends Pachu, Domokid, DayO_O, Sora-San please? We are the future popular of hatena if you like it or not. Not trying to be pushy. sounds like it, but I'm as sweet as sour Patch kids. First I'm sour, then I'm sweet. Haha.... lol