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Haii I'm Amy ^//^ (Means Beloved) Sometimes People Call Me AmieCramie O//O Sounds Cute :33 I'm 14 Young I Guess :/ Took My First Breath On October.16,1996 I Ish Weird GET USED TO IT <33 Being Weird Is Being Different So I Love Being Different :DD I Love To Text >:D I Rape The Letters ;D Haha...I Blush Alot As Chu Can See -//- I'm A Quite Shy Type Girl But I'll Just Go Weird Out Of Nowhere....RANDOM PEOPLE UNITE! >:O I Like Meeting New People But I'll Take Time To Be Myself But Once I Do! You'll Love Me ;) HAHA JP :I But Um... People Say I'm Cute? Which Ish A Big Bowl Of LIES! It's Hard For Me To Accept To The Fact That "I Am Cute" But I Just Don't Believe I Am :Y Uh...I Love Vitamin Water [Dragonfruit] I Don't Likey Soda D: -coughs- (v'-')> -pokes- I Like Poking :s I Have 4 Favorite Shows 1.) INVADER ZIM 2.) Courage the Cowardly dog 3.)Poke'mon 4.) DEGRASSI I Don't Watch T.V That Much So Yea :I Um...I Also Like To Draw :T I LOVE ANIME! :D I Play The Drums (Makes The Beat BOOM BAM BOOM BAM BAM) O//O Weird I Know Dx Ahem! I Live Somewhere That Is Hot Dx I'm A Very Lovable Person I'm Also A Huggable Person :3 Cause I Love To Touch ;D Hehe I Love Mi Linda Hermosa Tay To DEATH! She Calls Me Her "Flirty Machine" What Can I Say? I'm Full Of Love ♥ Ish Christian I Love God ♥ I Don't Like Labeling People As In Emos,Scene,Goth,Punk,ECT. Just Plain Dumb To Be Labeled Chu Are Who Chu Are....ANYWAYS! Uh...I LOVE FLYING BUNNEHS D:< Hehe I Love Screamo,Black Veil Bride,Breathe Carolina,Kill Paridise,Hellogoodbye,Brokencyde,Green Day,Watch Out There's Ghost, All Time Low,The Maine,Simple Plan,Maroon 5,Metro Station,We The Kings,Forever The Sickest Kids,Mad at Gravity,and much more ^,..,^ My favorite Colors Will Be Purple,Blue,Orange,And Green CAUTION:If Chu Love These Colors Amy Will Get Jealous And Kill Chu! No Money Back Guarantee Thank Chu :D (Everyone Laughs At My CAUTION Signs x//x It's Cereal Shizz People)