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Heller!my name is Andrew. i am 16 years old, and i like beef jerky :D! i play the piano and the guitar,and can sorta drum. My best instrument is the piano though. Ive been taking art lessons online for around 3 years. i love to make humorous flipnotes, and hope to get better at them :). becoming as popular as gizmo or anthony is my flipnote dream, im working really hard on my flipnotes so please dont false report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hatena will ban you if you do.also dont false report just because your mad that someone said "this flipnote is stolen" or "star beggar" there is nooooooooothing wrong with saying that as long as you DID steal a flipnote,or star beg ;) goals: getting really well known on hatena, getting a number 1 flipnote momentarily=ACCOMPLISHED,get a purple star XD,reach 1 million stars, get at least 15,000 fans. im always working on flipnotes so, dont worry ;).i would like to let everyone know i am ending my pokechaos series i made, simply because noone seemed to care, and no motivation. special favorite creators= Anthony, Twilc, Gizmo, AfRo ToAd, McBoo, BosS,and Epic.