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Your average teenage girl who's obsessed with anime/manga, music, writing, and good books/comics/graphic novels :)

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Your average teenage girl who's obsessed with anime/manga, music, writing, and good books/comics/graphic novels :)

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Wassup BlueMelody stalkers??!!! (Teehee!! ;>)

Anyway, I'm your average INSANE teenage girl! I'm in LOVE with tons of things, and I'm the typical anime/manga fan who has crushes on fake anime/manga characters (why you no real??!!). I write and draw alot, so you can pretty much expect me to post lots of stories and such. If you're curious, here's a list of things that I so far freaking LOVE so much!!:

Vocaloid and UTAU. (How can you NOT love this?! It's so freaking awesome!!! The songs are always unique and have awesome beats. And anyway, Japanese is EPIC!! Who cares about dumb ol' English songs?? Unless it's MY English songs, lol :> Plus, you make music covers with them! In other words, make 'em sing. Here are the wikis: and

SHIPPING. (OMIGAWD, like, I bloody LOVE shipping!! All dat awesome crap is epic to me; especially shippings that involve the anime/manga I watch/read, Vocaloid and UTAU, and Pokémon!! The couples are all so cute!!!)

Yaois. (Yup, I'm the kind of girl who finds yaois freaking EPIC!! I only like the cute and funny ones, though; I've been much of a fan of the yaois that involve. . .certain actions done on a bed. I really, REALLY, REALLY dislike them!!! Oh and don't ask me about yuris: I don't know what to think of them, LOL xDD)

POKÉMON. (DUUUH!! I think that's obvious :> I've always been a fan of Pokémon, even at a young age. The Pokémon shows aren't too bad but they aren't too good but the Pokémon comics and fanfictions make up for that

Books. (Yup, I'm a bookworm!!! WOOOO!!)

Mirai Nikki. (OMIGAAAWD, I LOVE this Japan-made anime!!! You guys should definitely watch it!! It's has english subtitles, so don't worry. Here's the link and check it out!:

Videogames. (Oh yeah, baby!! I'm a Girl Gamer!! >:3)

BakaFaceCat. (He's one of my Top Ten Favorite Artists!!! I just wanna MARRY that freaking dude, just saying xDD Here's his blog if you wanna check him out:

Drawing. (I already mentioned this, but hell yeah, I bloody LOVE drawing!! Once I get my drawing skills to be bloody EPIC, then I'm gonna make a Tumblr blog and tell you guys to check out my art. Until then, I'm just gonna be patient and improve :>)

Writing. (LOOOL, that's damn obvious xDD)

Saying the word ''BLOODY.'' (I blame the British Vocaloid OLIVER for this weird habit xDD)

Anime/Manga. (Bloody obvious :D)

MAGICAL STARSIGN. (OMGGGG, this old game is so freaking EPIC and awesome!!! You guys should really buy it!!! The plotlines are so amazing and UNpreditable!!!)

Fanfiction. (No, duuur, that was obvious xDD)

Youtube. (Yup. . .I watch more stuff on Youtube than on T.V. Actually, I RARELY watch T.V. Youtube is just so damn better xDD)

Greek Mythology. (THAT surprised you, didn't it? But, seriously, I bloody LOVE Greek Goddesses and Gods. The stories about them are so interesting :>)

Okay, enough about ME. For now. . .


Other Websites I'm At:

Facebook page ''AnimeGurl.'' Link:!/AnimeBLEED

Tumblr, but just wait until my art get more epic, 'kay? :> (My name there Akina Toumakoshi)


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Akina Toumakoshi







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Um, I actually don't know xDD


Writing fanfiction and stories, improving my art, stalking people on Tumblr, reading books and comics, stalking people on Flipnote Hatena, PLAYING VIDEOGAMES, etc :>


Nah, you don't wanna stalk me xDD

Place of birth



Reading, Writing, Drawing, and being the most epic GamerGirl :>

Special skills

Creativity with writing and drawing. (I don't mean to brag, but my reading levels are ABOVE 12th grade >:3)


English, duh. Oh, and some spanish! With only a few French and Japanese words: Bonjour! BAKA! Lol xDD