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Welcome to Aquastar☆'s AWESOME channel! XP

~Hiya! This is Aquastar(Mari) / Frostfire(Fira) / Midnightblossom / Dawnpelt / Koneko, leader of CrystalClan! I like cats and dogs...and anime! I like to go on Flipnote Hatena, Youtube, and DeviantArt, and I like to do animations and drawings with cats and anime people and I've got a few sonic characters.

[Introducing my charas!]

Mari: Ashie-kun says hi too! Say hello to the citizens of Flipnote Hatena!

Ash: …Hey.

Kione: H-hello… *hides behind Ash*

Ash: *Sigh* -.- …

Ryan: Mari, you better not be making yaoi stuff with me on here

Mari: Haha about that

Alex: C'mon, you n' Ash look great together

Ryan: Shut up!

Sage: I don't understand you guys and your anime

Renee: Oh hiya~ Whatcha guys doin'? <(^▽^)>

Mari: Just chatting and waving hi to the people of Hatena *waves* I feel like we're missing someone

Lenny: Ah… eto…

Mari: Lenny! There you are! *hugs* Don't be shy~

Lenny: Hai .3./)

Mari: Alright, that's everyone then. Ja ne~

Yeah, that was random.

[Update] I have a tumblr and my ask box there is open if you wanna talk to me and my charas :) I'm only using Ash and Mari right now though and they are boooooo~oored. So to stop by, we'd love to have you.

[MC Icons] I'm available for Mistclan icon making along with Goldenstar so request in the comments of any of my flipnotes or on Goldenstar's "Free Icon!" flipnote.

DeviantArt - Aquastarr

Youtube - [N/A] … well I don't have anything on it so you probably wouldn't care for it

Tumblr -

Feel free to post on my channels 'cause I love seeing new people coming to post to my channel besides myself lol :P And I might give you some stars since you make me so happy :D

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Help my bffl Goldenstar get MistClan back together

World Go Boom - DJ Earworm (do you want me to unlock it?)

You Belong To Me - Cobra Starship :with my charas RyuuxArashi(yaoi >/w/<) or Ash&Fira

Schwick - Cobra Starship :with Mari&Ryan or Ash&Fira

Tokyo Teddy Bear [English Version] - Neru :with Ash or Kione

Nobodies - Marilyn Manson :with …idk who

Practice Drawings 2

And some random spin-off edit-me chain flips :D



I'm a girl xD


Drawing, singing, making flipnotes, reading


English and a little bit of Spanish, Vietnamese, and Japanese