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I like to draw on flipnote but I use mostly my deviantart account. You can find me on Deviantart as AzoraTheWolf don't forger to watch comment and give me faves if you like my work, and don't forget to give llamas (llamas are awesome)!

I've got different charas from my DA account's so I can make MVs more easily

My hatena charas are: Zaphira, Natsu, Dark, Melissa and Leni

(I've already made a flipnote of how they look)

I've got 3 games and a light blue Nintendo DSi

My games are: Nintendogs: Labrador and friends, World of zoo, Mario and Sonic at the winter olympic games

I also have a youtube account! Take a look and don't forget to suscribe, comment and like my videos if you like them^_^

That's all I have too say, I will write more an other day