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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

We answer the question - IS Laser hair removal safe to use. The short Answer - YES, it is perfectly safe! Most people do not experience any kind of side effects. This blog post is about the safety of laser hair removal and the minor side effects some people experience.

Laser hair removal is an alternative to traditional hair removal methods, like shaving, epilating or plucking. It’s also seen as a long-term solution that minimize all hair worries among men and women.

Yet, it's high-tech, and often uses radiation and heat. For that reason, we have found that many people are skeptical and worried about the side effects of using a laser on their body parts.

Important Note and Safety Issues

Like with any cosmetic procedure, there are minor side-effects that usually disappears very quickly. As for major side-effects, this almost never happens.

Men and women have been using laser hair removal for over 40 years without experiencing any major side effects. But let’s focus on the minor side-effects. We mention them below. This should give you an idea of the safety levels of laser hair removal!

Irritation and Redness

Laser hair removal may cause slight (but temporary) irritation. If your skin is sensitive to light, you may notice this irritation evolve into a swelling. But even in such cases, the swelling is temporary, and quickly goes away.

Swelling problems are not common, even with non-laser procedures (waxing for example).

Normally, your problems should subside a few hours after laser exposure. During that time,(if you experience swelling) we recommend using ice packs for pain and swelling. Also, if you feel that your symptoms are worsening, we recommend calling a doctor.

Pigment Alterations

After using laser removal, you might notice changes in your skin contrast. Your skin may appear lighter or darker.

Darker skinned individuals are more prone to light spots. And the opposite occurs to lighter skin individuals, who might receive darker pigmentations. Again, like redness problems, they're only temporary. And they should disappear within a few hours.

Basic side-effects should not be a cause of concern. 90% of men and women that receive IPL laser hair removal do not experience these kinds of side effects.

Serious Side-Effects Include the Following:

Excess hair growth in the areas you have treated.

Whole changes in skin texture (apply specifically to people who were recently tanned).

Scars – occur to individuals with sensitive skin.

Crusting and blistering – occur from sunlight exposure right after laser use.

If you’re worried about the previous side-effects, you can do a small test on your skin using the handset to see if your skin are prone to these side effects.

While they’re rare, some might apply to you. Ask your doctor to evaluate your skin health before starting a laser procedure!

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