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Meep, deep, derp, merp, werp, weep...uh....oompa loompa!

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Meep, deep, derp, merp, werp, weep...uh....oompa loompa!

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I like watching NATURE!! And sometimes I try to draw it, but I kind of fail.. Well! No time to be upset, yo! Uhhh... Yips! I honestly don't know what to write here cause who wants to read these things? Well, I don't but that doesn't matter, so I'll stop right hurr.

Pero no dejare de escribir en Español! A-ja! Pues dije que me gusta ver la Naturaleza, o sea, la creacion de Dios y a veces creo que me podria quedar asi nomas, viendola un buen ratote. Pues eso es todo, JA!

Full name



Girl :D


urrr- 15

Blood type

How would I know, man?


Go to school and do my chores at home, I guess. pshaaa

Place of residence

TEXAS! The pan in the US

Place of birth

San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Drawing, watch anime, read manga (maybe), listen to music (from animes:),observe nature...

Special skills

Drawing? nah, I'm not really good. I'm good at organizing, though! Not that anybody would actually think that's cool, well, of course except me and my family and some people I know.. Wait. That's actually a lot of ppl, YAY!


Español, English


Comics liked K-ON!!
Games liked Animal Crossing
Drinks liked Water / Grape juice
Music liked Linkin Park / Vocaloid
Food liked Chicken Nuggets / ice cream / Hot Wings from WingStop / Mom's Green Enchiladas
Art liked Anime / Mana's artwork and drawing style
Animation liked K on
Characters liked Kirby / Phoenix Wright
Animals liked Tigers