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Hey I'm November I live in Australia and I am 14. I Love Flipnote Hatena. I joined when it was firstly created and I stayed for like i think 4 years! I actaully dont care when people say "Whats happened to Hatena? IT HAS EVOLVED. and will never go back. I have seen the greatest creators know to man start their journey of Hatena then leave for whatever reason.

Yeah they are gone.. people miss them...but new creators come. People who are DIFFERENT towards everyone else. I hate fopying people! It annoys me...

ANYWAYS... My drawing theme is kinda dark or even a emo or stitchdoll theme now... I really enjoy watching vampire animes eg. Karin,Vampire Knight,Rosario to Vampire, ajlnd also ones like Rizelmine, Bleach, Kamixhiwa Karin, Romeo X Juliet, Angelic Layercand so on...

I love gettong COMMENTS :) They make ne feel so loved... even the hate ones.

Follow me on deviantArt username 3mEm. btw i camnt draw properly on dsi! its toooo small i can draw really good on paper!