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here's my profile welcome

my english is not bery good, sorry if i write something wrong

i do comedy flipnotes hope you like them

here's somethings about me


country:México, but i moved to the U.S.

gender:i'm a boy XD

languages:spanish, and a lot of english but i still need to learn

hobbies:videogames, flipnotes, using the computer, draw

real name:not telling

nickname:Billy has been my nickname since i was born

favorite videogames:the legend of zelda, pokémon, mario,sonic, kirby, etc.

consoles:N64, gamecube, GBA, DS, Wii, DSi, yeah nintendo!!!

birthday:06 of a month XD

best friend:Garyos2 thats his hatena account not telling his real name to bad he doesn't have a dsi

i would like some feedback on my flipnotes to see how i can improve

that's all.