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My Dsi isn't working right now.

So no flips for a while.

My DeviantArt is "MochA-Chao"

I don't post much but, if you comment I check my messages almost everyday.

Crappie is a fish.

This profile is letters,words, and numbers not a life story.


"Never say Never."

The first never cancels the 2nd one so you actually don't say it haters...


I quit sorry guys...Sold my Dsi so don't think I'm kidding this time.

I may have quit but, Im not gone :)

Message me anytime I'll reply chat help you through this crazy site you'll learn to have a love/hate obsession with and I'll even be your friend if thats what you wish I've matured a lot this summer and become someone I can look at in the mirror :)

I get mad and sin but, Im human Haha

Oh gosh Im so tired XD

Well Im may be forgotten by you all but, I love you all and think a lot about the people who I've come to call my friends.

MochA (Coffee XD)