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Hey all my fans, friends and viewers!

This is wishpetals! Well, thank you for the stars, im hoping to get popular like my fave creators, also, new moon clan don't have that many members so i will repost my forms. (all new moon clan has 4 members) well wishpetals out peace <3 u all! :-3 o_O o_O (on my mom's tablet, so i saw cool faces so i put my 2 fave one, wishpetals out, peace!

My characters

Shadow moon: female cat

Moon rise: female wolf

Swirl spirt: female cat

Fire wire: male wolf

Alask: female kit

Scar lightning: male cat

When im bored, i go on my dsi or write random stories decated to erin hunter cause she is my fave author, i have 3 cats and 4 dogs, use to have 4 but my cat honey died, and i would've had 5 dogs if were didn't give it away. My dogs are all shihtzu mix accept for one. (two of my shihtzus mix had puppies, one died at birth, other died next day after birth, we sold one and kept the other)

My charater in my story im working on now


leader: Cloudstar= a fluffy white she-cat with green eyes

deputy: Shadowclaw= a black tom with hugely sharp claws

medicine cat: Squirrelpelt= a squirrel colored pelt she-cat. Apprentice: Cindertail


Rubypelt= a light gray she~cat with pink splatters of paint. Apprentice: Oceanpaw

Sandwind= an orange tom with a big tail. Apprentice: Harepaw

Flamepelt= a musclar tom with big claws. Apprentice: Smokeypaw

Snowfur= a white she~cat with a bluish~grayish stripe down her back. Apprentice: Spottedpaw

Icicleear= a bluish~whitish tom with a torn ear, from frost bite. Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Juiceytail= an light orange she~cat with a really dark orange tail. Apprentice: Sweetpaw

Mittenfur= a black tabby tom with white paws

Stripedpelt= an orange she~cat with three stripes on her back, formely from Lightningclan

Firetail= an orange she-cat with a darker orange on her tail, also blind. Apprentice: Jewelpaw

Lightningscar= a dark yellow tabby tom with a scar on his back that look likes a lightning bolt. Apprentice: Treepaw

Clawear= a black tabby tom with big claws. Apprentice: Mosspaw

Raven~eye= a beautiful brown she~cat with dark brown spots on her ears and one eye. Apprentice Rockpaw

Apprentices( more than six moons old, in traning to become warriors):

Rockpaw= a dark gray tom with big blue eyes

Smokeypaw= a smokey tortoiseshell she~cat, born with wounds on flank

Mosspaw= a calico she~cat with yellow eyes, mostly white

Treepaw= a brown tortoiseshell tom with handsome brown eyes

Hawkpaw= a black tom with white legs

Sweetpaw= a light redish~whitish she~cat with yellow eyes

Jewelpaw= a calico she~cat with yellow eyes

Spottedpaw= a white she~cat with black spots on her flank, brown eyes like her mother

Oceanpaw= a white~blue she~cat with hazel eyes

Harepaw= a redish~brownish tom with black ear tips, his right eye is hazel, left eye is brown

Queens[ she~cats expecting or nursing kits]:

Drizzlepelt= a dark bluish grayish pelt [mother of sweetkit, redish whitish she~cat with yellow eyes, jewelkit, a calico she~cat with yellow eyes]

Nightsun= a dark blue gray with a spotnon her head

Lillipelt= a pale tan she~cat with a big fluffy tail [mother of rootskit, a brown tabby tom with amber eyes, and seakit, a light blue and white she~cat with blue eyes, and mistkit, a bluish whitish she~cat, right eye blue, left eye amber]

Icefur= a beautiful bluish whitish she~cat with a fluffy tail [mother of aquakit, a blue and white she~cat with greenish amberish eyes]

Mousetail= a pale tabby she~cat with a little tail,color of a mouse [expecting Mittenfur kits]

Elders[former queens and warriors, now retired]:

Rosepetals= a pinkish pelt she~cat with a pretty dapple of fur

One~claw= a black tom with only one claw [blackclaw]

Whiteface= a black tom with white all over his face, blind and weaked in back right leg

Peachpelt= a light orange beautiful she~cat, deaf and blind