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No your not! Dude don't lie!


I'm trying to stay track on all the flipnote music videos I'm making... I'm not really motivated right now so I'll push myself hard at work on these flipnotes. Oh yeah, I "forgot" to bring my DSi to the philippines.. But I don't even care..

Mv's that I'm making


Sweet Sacrifice. sure of it.: Either Miyuki and Yuku or Chaoko and Chaolin:.

Galaxies. Sure of it .: Grey:.

You are the moon. Might .: Luna:.

LightHouse. I don't know .: ???:.

Vanilla Twilight. Sure of it .: Vanilla and some random guy that I made which I don't want:. :/

Stereo Hearts. Might .: Ken:.

2008 Remix. Maybe .: Multiple:.

Psychedelic Insanity. Maybe .: Miyuki and Yuku:.

Let's get it started. Maybe .: it depends:.

My Immortal. Not sure .:Kokoa:.

Going Under. Might .:Scarlet:.

Titanium. not sure .:Idk:.

Is it possible to finish all this in five days? o3o

~ Miyuki