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Hi! I'm a Canine fanatic girl! I LOVE wolves or make that canines!I live in The Golden State but I originally grew up in Montana,the "Big Sky Country" state. I'm not that good at animation,(yet) but I'm getting there! I'm those kind of girls who have a California back round but inside I' to put it..let's just say i was an Indian. Meaning I LOVED nature! From the smallest plants from the biggest seas! Seriously, if i tore off a leaf of of a plant i would rest my hand on the plant and say,"I'm so sorry!" NO joke! Anyway that is enough of my story.

Favorite(shows,movies,ECT.:Alpha and omega,wolf's rain,Avatar(not the air bender),Lot's of Disney

Movies,Invader Zim,Animal Planet,and Discovery Channel.

Favorite animals: I know i said canines but i have a heart for all animals but canines are number 1!

Friends:Ally K,Wolf Heart,Dark soul,Emo Bolt,and if i didn't list you i'm so sorry!

O.C's: Kara and Sunfur

Status:In a relationship

Boyfriend:Ink-Kiba (<3 you!)

Anyway Hope you peeps enjoyed this long and boring About me.

Peace out guys and girls!