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Dsi has been stolen, so dont expect anything yet. Meanwhile, I'll watch zombie movies, visit chatrooms, and add comments.*

Hello, Blue Toast here. I am an animal lover, and yet i don't hav a dog. :( I love music and animation is my passion. I really wish i could draw better... Someday i hope to own a dog and a ferrari XD I want to do good flips on this website cause i want to do this for a living. I love to laugh but i hate to laugh at other people -_- aND I think its messed up that some people make fun of me for my black hair and blue eyes 0 - 0 seriously... i dont get it

Name-Kat. L.(shortened it)

Hobbies-drawing,ranting, and listening to music

Music: i like rock, pop, rap...basically everythin'

AWSOME PPLS: srry, cant name em' all (too many awsome ppl)

oh yeah, and ive got a tumblr: jazzys jam