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What's up!? Hi, I'm A.J. I've seen flipnotes on Hatena for a while, but never made an account, until now. So...hi! >.< I am a huge fan of Animal Crossing. I'm a part of Animal Crossing Community, a forum, so if you know about ACC, PT me, Blueyoshi98. I also meet people on ACC here, thus my favorites and starred notes, so if you have ACC, PT me your ID and I'll add stars. I like making music flips, cartoon flips, and profile icons of my characters.


My Friends: I consider people who add me as their favorite, and I do the same, my Hatena friends. So here they are in no particular order:D












Requests I take: These are requests I can take

Cameo of your character in an "A's Adventure" Flip

Cameo of your character in my Music Flips

You make a flipnote on a channel I frequently go to, where it's obvious it's for me, asking me to draw a character of your choice, my style for any reason.

Song requests-I must listen to the song, and may deny it if it has: inappropriate content, too loud, bad topic.


Contact Me: Where you can contact me for these requests or other reasons

Pantz and Friends Channel

Twitter: @Blueyoshi98

ACC: Blueyoshi98

My Flipnote Comment Section


Goals: My Hatena Goals


Over 5,000 stars (940 more to go!)

At least 1 of each color star (1 Green)

Make my own Channel

Get 50 fans (Current 17)

Meet Gizmo or Anthony on Hatena

Get 1,000 stars on a single flip

Make a Collab

Be asked to be in a Collab

Be featured in a flip (Check) Thanks Togetic!

Help get rid of stolen flips


Currently Working On: Flips I'm working on

Rio MV Contest Prize

A's Movie Previer (:O)


How to get faved by me: If I don't notice you, here's how to get faved by me.

DON'T star beg

DON'T steal, or scam

DON'T beg me too

DO chat with me

DO comment so I can notice