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Current Mood: Half happy (it's the school holidays) quater Angry and quater sad (someone (Cosmo) said I was ugly and my chara svcks ):<)

Watching: nufing

Eating: nufing Drinking: nufing

Reading: nufing Update: omsoC etah I. --Cats rule!!

I played resident of evil... and I fainted XD









HAI people of da world!!! :D My username is Roxanne. CALL ME MOO MOO (puts on awesome sunglasess (i.e I coloured them in with texta)) Mah real name is ---------- and I come from the planet Strawberry. I am 1212 years old and I like seafood, strawberries, fruit, science, books, drawing, cooking, strawberries, stuff, things, more stuff and more things. I am terrible at remembering things and finding stuff. My fav sonic chara is Shadow the Hedgehog. If u don't like him, consult the nearest strawberry. I dislike homework, fractions, time zones, teachers with no humour, bullies, people that eat my stawberries (they will die) copiers, stuff, things, more stuff and more things. I am super impatient. UHHHHHHH!

My epic friends owo :






Sylucks ---> BFF!


Eclipse ---> Pure awesomness.






Anatia --- Super cool!


Turtles --- Epik.

Many many more people ( too lazy too write anymore o-o)


Aw mah gawsh mah name goes off the page!

Flipnote goals:

Know all drawing tricks (X)

Have 10 000 stars (X)

Have 50 000 stars (X)

Have 100 000 stars ( )

Have 500 000 stars ( )

Have 1 000 000 stars ( )

Have 10 green stars (X)

Have 30 green stars ( )

Have 50 green stars ( )

Have 100 green stars ( )

Have 1 red star ( )

Have 5 red stars ( )

Have 10 red stars ( )

Have 20 red stars ( )

Have 1 blue star ( )

Have 5 blue stars ( )

Have 1 purple star ( )

Have 20 fans (X)

Have 50 fans (X)

Have 100 fans (X)

Have 500 fans ( )

Have 1000 fans ( )

Have over 1000 stars on a flip (X)

Have over 5000 stars on a flip (X)

Have over 15 000 stars on a flip ( )

Have over 50 000 stars on a flip ( )

Have over 100 000 stars on a flip ( )

Have 5 green stars on a flip (X)

Have 1 red star on a flip (X) (thank chuuu reshy! <3)

Have 2 red stars on a flip ( )

Have 1 blue star on a flip ( )

Ranked #100 at least (X)

Ranked #10 at least ( )

Ranked #1 ( )

Ok don't stare a me. IT'S RUDE O-O

Some questions you may ask in comments that are related to flips:

Q. Add me?

A. No.

Q. Watch my flip please! Give lots of stars and comments, k?

A. No, that's not ok.

Q. Can you unlock?

A. Only when I want to.

Q. Why are you copying me/her/him?

A. I DON'T COPY PEOPLE!!!! so sutup. Gosh, people can be annoying. >:|

Q. Can you do me an icon?

A. Maaaaayyyyyyybbbbbeeeeee...

Q. Why do you ignore meeeeee?

A. I don't, if I ignore you, I didn't do it for no reason. :1

Q. Can you watch my flip? (you're in it!)

A. Yush, Ok!


Character information:

Name: Roxanne the Cat

Age: 16

Powers: Water, Light.

Weapons: Bow and arrow, martial arts, her waterbending.

History: Roxxane was born on a beautiful, peaceful beach under a full moon. For an unknown reason, she was granted yhe ability to control or 'bend' water and bring powers of light. Some say that deep down, she is a godess, sent from the universe to protect the Earth from evil, and others say that because she was born in such a landscape composed of water and under a full, bright moon, she learnt the ways of how thimgs lived. Her parents have said exist in nature itself, guiding Roxanne through life before she is ready to join them.

Personality: Despite Roxanne's mysterious and serious past, she isn't the kind of cat you would suspect of being a godess of some sort. She is cheerful, courageous, and has an extreme sense of humour. She loves to party at night, and enjoys the warmth of the sun during the day. She is friendly, but tremendously impatient. She is curious and always ready to fight with strength and confidence.

Appearance: Bright, rose red fur that turns goldish reddish when exposed a golden ray of sunlight, and turns a aqua/ light blue colour when in the water or in night form (at night, duh). In super form, her fur will turn glowing, bright royal blue. Her hair/fur reaches all the way down to her thighs, and she has two, large bangs. Roxanne also has two quills that extend from the ends of her muzzle down to her shoulders. She wears a black, heart shaped midriff with red stripes at the top, and pink ribbons that hang down from a button (It glows when in super form or when using her powers ( water and light )). Roxanne also wears black short shorts (the short shorts, duh)with a silver buckle on a red belt. I can't describe the shoes, so I'll make a flip about it. She has slightly tanned skin. She has dark red eyes and long eyelashes.


...I spelt that wrong didn't I?


But I'm going to make more charas soon...

BLAGAFLOUSPONDATIOS. Good night. Now go away.

Seriously, I'm warning you. GO away.

Why are you still here? (


knocked out by my nuga nugas XD ~Louise Rennison