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Hi my names Gahall/Gin-G but you may no me as Boss, im a 17 year old female from england.

my animations

I manly draw wolves

eg the Aspens Boss pack

wolves names: Boss, Roro,Scot,Scar,Mut,pip and black ears

about them

Boss:5 year old lead male of the pack is a large wolf and strong but is gental and kind.

Roro:4 year old lead female (witch makes boss and roro mates) she is wize cleaver and adors pups

Scot: 2 year old male beta he joined the pack with his younger brother

Mut he is protective,keep watch over the pack, obays order and good lissoner.

Mut: Scots younger brother is a year old male so is still young and learning he plays alot with pip and takes care of her.

Pip: 3 mouth old pup is very scared but very playfull was a lone pup family killed by a rival pack only she survied as her mother hide her in some reads by a river roro has taken care of her since.

Scar: A rival male (4 1/2 year old) to Boss has been trying to take over as lead male hes sly and has a bad temper has to be put in his more than to offen.


Black ears: A very shy 2 year old female spend a lot of her time alone has a good keen of smell (traker is her pluss side) she is the lowest member in the pack.

thats all

if im not drawing them its horse dragon and other animails so please add stars thank you

friends list

twilight - jimbob10


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and many more