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What? What about me? Well, I guess this will be short...

I'm 13 years old, drawing has been my talent I guess...even though I

suck at don't judge me on what I wear...I LOVE wearing black, I'M NOT GOTH OR EMO OK?!?Ok? Good,I love anime like Soul eater,Death note and Hetalia.My Love of video games grows every year...I Love games like Professor Layton,The Zelda junk,Portal 2,all the Fallouts,Animal crossings,and Little big planet 2,Ico,Hetaoni,SSBB,and ALL of the Mario games. I'm a poet and a artist,you can see more of my work at my DeviantART account.

Right there ^^

BTW, there's two parts of me. Sunshine and Blonde.

Epic Win XD(more like epic fail...)

Well, that's it for now!

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