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Helo my name is Bryan I thank u sow much for visiting on my pro file Im very new at drawing and I will do my bests to make shur my flips are awsome. Im a total Jesus Freak I love to show the world of what God is made of! He alredy is teaching me how to draw. Also I love that I make Friends that love Jesus here Too. and im also a writer and singer!!!Thous are just some facts about me!!! God Bless you!!!! O!! & ILOVE bacon!!! ^-^

Moe infoemaitieoun!!!!:

im from an island calld Puerto Rico! And yesh im Boricua!!!! (but im wasnt born there! Lol) my mamá is Puerto Rican! Y hablo español!!!! I use2 live there in that island for 4 years!! I was then lived back in USA!! (again) & no im not telling u where i live now...Mah B-Day is september 21!!!! Im rly hopeping 2 b friends with all the famous creators here like BOSS,K66Gunso,Islangirl,Gizmo,DarkRose40,AfroToad,Nearshot,all of u people wit expirience here with FAME!! Ur all awsome!! My dream is 2 become famous here and real life!! Imma singah!!! I love vampires i feel like imma vamp myself!! (but i DO NOT like twilight!)

Mah fave Video games and u can add meh!!

Ok my fav wii games are( #1 fav "super smash bros. brawl") " mario karts" also a lil "animal crossing" DS games "mario karts!!"

My fav app games on ipod/iphone/ipad is #1 fave "Tap Tap revenge4" And also in "clubworld" and "riddim ribbon" u can add me 4 those games!! My user nameis "Bryan921" add me and we will play and talk!! Kz!! God Bless!!

I noticed that im getting more h8rz... its all gud!! I love h8rz!!! Cuz u know y!!? They make u more famous than eny other fan!! Think about it! They r alwayz thinkn about u and trying 2 make u fall! They cant do NEthing else!! Soo try 2 take me down now h8trz!! I bet u guys r all confused!! Ur gonna think about thiss all day!! Haha! ok Adios!!