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HEY ! =P


NAH....my name is Natahlia, call me Nat if you like! :) I LURRV the colour PURPLE!!!

my fav Chocolate is Fererro Rocher.... mmm YUMM!

my Birthday is on the 11th Of August <3

Ima Girl :) And i don't date or go out wiff people cause it's stupiid! And So are the Kardashians! xD (I'LL WAIT TILL IM OLDER TO DATE!)

My 3DS Friend Code: 5198-2471-1379

(Feel Free To Add Me, But Plz Tell Me So I Could Add You Aswell)

I want a Llama!!! LOL! xP

Bor3d Yet? xD

I lurrvv people who make me laugh.xx

I LOVE MUSIC!! wooh! crank it up!!

Im crazy,weird and VERY random....he he =)

Imagine being a child with the name; Jelly Bean. Weird ay??

Flipnote Memo? Hurry up!!

Wanna hear a funny story? Well... ur not! LOL!

I do love J.B and M.J (if curious)

ANIMALS!! <3 Iov3 Them!

I've been bitten by a duck several times .... and the weird thing is I DON'T OWN ONE ! LOL nah... local lake =) I've gone fishing SOOO MANY TIMES but... only have caught five ... 1: puffer fish, 2: puffer fish, 3:small fish 4: a TINY fish 5: a puffer fish. =P Puffer fish just adore me! XP

Apparantly im worth 5¢. Dont ask!?!

Bored Now? c'mon just admit it!

but..most of all i also luv my friends !!!! <3 they're the awesome one's !!!!!!So thankyou to them !!

Ciao Amigo's ( bye!!)

P.S: Dsi broke and got the 3ds now, i know it sounds geeky but its not that bad! Although the 3ds doesn't have flipnote studio so im only on the web.That's why there's my old flips (eww).Sorry but i do miss every one and my great friends. b back soon ( i hope ) XP

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