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You may be wondering who I am... well I'll tell you! The name's Candi Cockatiel (although you know me by my alias phoenix). I am a well versed magician and an excellent artist. I have done alot of traveling throughout the years. I am the leader of Team Phoenix, a group of heroes consisting of primary teammates, J.K. Munchikin and Vlassameer T. Bat, and other various hatena flipnoters. I travel with a Faerie Chao named Mirabeau St. Cloud. Besides that, I'm multi-talented and fun-loving, highly dislikes

wrong-doers (such as bullies and scammers), very supportive of people and good causes and I have a great appriciation of artists, good-doers and awesome friends.

If your interested in seeing my art, see my creator's room or visit facebook and look for Candi Phoenix or see me on DeviantART as CandiPhoenixes. Thanx! ^ ^

Full name

Candi "Phoenix" Mc.




June 17th


Cartoon Artist

Place of residence

Nebraska (AKA "Tornado Alley")


Art, reading, cooking.

Special skills

Art, cooking.