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https://getspout.org - The initial stages of running a blog are really exciting. 9606 hits on the main blog page. The glue starts out blue then dries totally clear, so its perfect for making sure youve completely and evenly covered a card shape with glue. Then he asked me to name a number. With the deck face down he asked me to deal to the 19th card. Cut them and remember the face card of the upper packet before replacing the cut. So, with the deck in my own hands, I gave it an overhand shuffle, a cut, noted the face card of the upper portion, replaced the cut portion and shuffled again. Having demonstrated what he wanted me to do he handed the cards back to me and then walked across to the other side of the hotel lounge saying that he didnt want to be accused of getting a glimpse of my card or estimating the cut. 1. Use the bauble template and a sharp pencil to draw a bauble shape on white card, then cut it out. And having him first read out prediction but only later revealing that it is actually the card. The third reason that convention was so memorable had to do with another card problem that bore the mysterious title Principle X. Bobby Bernard had told me that he too had an impossible card trick like The Berglas Effect. I think that the second card is very easy to hide in The Problem with Prem...