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I usually go by "Kat" or "Ita-kun (short for Itachi)" aaaaaand I'm a Junior in High School. I guess you can say my biggest dream is to become a voice actress as I can do many voices, such as Honey-sempai from OHSHC, Chibi!America from Hetalia, Stitch, and various animal sounds O.o'

I draw so many characters from different shows, and I want to at least show my work on here and would like to get appreciated for it c: So please wait patiently for my work to actually be up, because I'm usually really busy.

Asta La Pasta! :D

Ps: I just want to put this out here. For all you Hetalia fans: I'm a decendant of a Southern Italian and a decendant of a Spaniard. I am Romano and Spain's love child xD And yes, sometimes I do actually act like Romano, naturally <3