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Hello!(: I'm Chocobear name change- Cherry!!<3 Well actually my real name is Melissa. I love to draw and I really love to draw anime! Sometimes I prefer just to Free Draw. You know how I get bored sometimes! Please don't False report me): You should know I am NOT on - Art stealer's, False reporters, And star beggars side!>:[ I don't hate but I really dislike that! You will NOT like me when i'm angry. But rather than that I am a very creative person and really awesome and fun!(; Also, I love to make series and Rp's*1 I am looking for people who would want to be in my series, and Pvs and Mvs!(: So look foward to that(: - Your Darlinq Chocobear(;

*1: Role plays) So if you would like to Rp With me sometimes just comment on my flips(: Thank you for Reading. Btw. (( By the way




Drawing, Sleeping, Eating, Laughing, Lol?


Spanish and English