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Name - Chris

Age - 14

Birthday - June 4th

Gender - Male

And . . .




╚══`.¸Drawing And Making Flipnotes!


My Channels:

Pokémon Channel

Manga And Anime Channel

Pokémon Wi-Fi Channel

★Chris★ And Friends Channel _______________________________________________________

My Favourite Creators And Freinds:

Lucas - Is An Epic And Awsome Friend Who's Really Nice And Loves Pokémon Like Me!

BuzZ - Is Awsome At Flipnotes And Is A Great Freaind!

Pixel Guy - Is Such A Great Freind Beacase Of All The Support He Gives Me!

Roland - Is Just Simply An Awsome Freind!

Tig - Is A Great Freaind Who Is Quite Funny!

Harry - Is A Awsome Guy Who Is Amazing At Making Flipnotes!

MD50 - Is One Of My Best Mates On Flipnote Hatena Beacase He Is Simply Awsome And Ive Known Him For Quite A While Now!










████████████ Go Flipnote Hatena!!

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Chris Joslyn