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Hey,EoClouds here.I bet your wondering what my name stands for,right?It stands for Envious of Clouds.I've loved that name and use it on other sites,but it was to long so I had to shorten it.

My three main o.c's are Cloudstorm,Madison,and Envy.So you can call me Cloud,Cloudy,Madi or Envy.I have another main oc ,her name is Robin.

For starters,I'm a girl.I hate when people mess up my gender,so that's why it's here.

Fav animal:Cats mainly,followed closely by foxes and wolves.

Fav song at this moment:Camisado by Panic!at the Disco

Fav Band:Panic!at the Disco

Fav anime show:Naruto or Fullmetal Alchemist

Fav manga books:Fruits Basket,Deathnote,Black Butler.

Fav food:Spagehtti or Tacos,and RICE!I love rice so much XD

Fav pokemon:Eevee or any of it evolutions

Fav game series: Fire Emblem

Fame Fire Emblem game: Sacred Stones

Fav books:Warriors

Fav warrior cat:Yellowfang or Scourge

Fav naruto characters:Gaara,Hinata,and Deidara

Fav fruits basket characters:Hatsuharu,Kyo and Momiji

Fav movie:Lion King

Hatena friends:




Pridecat(my little bro XD)








Jobakai(My cuzin,who no longer has an account)












orange cat


Black Rose






If your my friend and your not on here then just tell me.And if your on here and you dont think im your friend then just tell me and ill take you off.


70 fans before school starts:(*)

100 fans:(*)

200 fans:(*)

500 fans:()

1,000 fans:()

70,000 stars:(*)

100,000 stars:(*)

500,000 stars:()

1 flip in most Popular:(*)

#1 in most popular:()

5000 stars on a flip:(*)

20,000 stars on a flip:()

50,000 stars on a flip:()

50 flips on one of my channels:(*)

200 flips on one of my channels:(*)

500 flips on a channel:()

1,000 flips on a channel:()

Flips i need to redo:

Sasuke's log song

Bad Apple

Fallen leaves pt2

Written in the stars


Behind these hazel eyes


Monster(Cascada remix)

Main Characters:

Cloudstorm:My first and main character.She is a black and white striped cat with red eyes and has an evil demon training her.).Her children and Emberclaw,Stormsurge,Raindrop,Matthew,Roy and Patchheart.

Madison:Is my favortie and other main character.She is based off me!The main Maddie is a black haired shapeshifter that changes into a black furred red eyed cat.She is very judgemental,as in she judges you by sight and rarely bothers to get to know you if see doesnt like what she sees.She's normally quiet,cold and unhappy.Can be insane,loving,shy,demonic,lazy and other things i dont care to remember at the moment.She has secret feelings for Envy that neither of them is aware of.The other Maddie is completely based off me and is a brown haired shy girl.

Envy:My third main character is Envy,A cat/human pretty much based off of Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist.He can form into any person/cat/thing just like Envy from FMA,but their are slight differences that I'm to lazy to get into.He has secret feelings for Madi that neither of them are aware of.

Robin: Robin's my newest main character,a winged female gray tabby cat.She has two dark gray stripes on either side of her face and dark reddish amber eyes.She has a maroon colored under belly and maroon stripe on her tail,the tip of teh tail is black.She's very quiet and secretive,being an assasin,and she her blood is black instead of red.She managed to steal immortality from her friend and it's virtually impossible for her to die,though if certain circumstances are filled she will die.

Other charaters


Matthew:He's an orange and white cat with silver eyes.He has stiches over his face,right forepaw,left shoulder,right back leg,tail,mouth,and tip of his left ear.His right eye has been replaced with a button.

Roy:White cat with a few black stripes and red eyes.The left half of his face,his right forleg,the tip of his left ear,and his tail are all robotic.

Alexandra:She's a light tan cat with a bobbed tail and amber eyes.She wears a necklace with 5150 ingraved on the charm and a bracelet with a gun charm.

Emberclaw: Red and white tom with red eyes and a very demonic side.Has some black fur.

Redshine: Light red and white she-cat with red eyes.

Nailah:Gray and red spotted she-cat,covered in bandages.

Coldpaw:Gray tom with red stripes and a bone-studded collar.

Raindrop:Gray,white and black spotted she-cat with blue eyes.

Stormsurge: Gray tom with black stripes and red eyes.

Dustclaw:Gray and black tabby tom with blue eyes.

James: White tom with occasional red splotches and a necklace that has fire inside the charm.

Arisa: Black tabby and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Isaac: A white tim with thin black stripes and oddly colored blue eyes.He has a remote that he wears around his neck capable of mind control.He can shapeshift into any other living being he wants.

Yeah ill add the others later when im less lazy.

I'll try to update the flipnote progress as much as possible.Well its school now so im not gonna get much done....This was updated on August 10th 9:57 pm,2012.