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Hiya! :D My name is Cela or just call me Lara or LS. I am 15 and live in Texas. I've decided to restart my account. I love drawing old Sonic characters because I liked the originality of them. So a lot of what I draw I don't own 'less I say other wise.

I'm pretty friendly and always happy. You won't see me get too upset about being reported or threaten to quit or anything like that. I love making friend and meeting new people :D so don't be shy to strike up a conversation :) I have a lot in my life so I don't come on a lot, but I try to come on as much as possible. Yo hablo un poco español. See y'all 'round. ~LS

()Get 1000 fans

()Accomplish drawing Shadow epicly

()Get off my lazy @$$ and actually get to work on a series a mine called Love and War

()Make lots a friends :D

  • My O.C's

Amber Fox 17

Sergio 19 Echidna

Dante 11 Echidna

Bellona Kuriin 18 Wolf

Senso Kuriin 16 Wolf

Kunai Wolf 17

Sora the Hedgehog 17

Celeste 16 Doe

Caprina the Capricorn ?

Knuckles X Tikal

Tails X Nicole

Shadow X Silver (gotta love yaoi ;) )

Sonic X Sally

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Guess who got an XL. . . MEEEE!! :D But still no clue how to transfer this account to my XL :( ~LS

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Hatena shut down in May of 2013. Though I have since grown up and am about to graduate from college, I can't help but reminisce of the old days when I couldn't wait to get home and draw on my DSi and talk to friends whose names I've long forgotten save for maybe 2. Hatena was a gateway into my life online and in an art community. The memories I made on Hatena will not be forgotten.