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"Bleeeeegh" is my motto. :P HELLO WORLD OF HATENA! My name is Naomi. (Nao for short) And I LOOOOVE the color blue. I am currently in 8th grade and is 14 owo'' Eh.... I'd like to be a professional baker someday and HOPEFULLY something in the future! The best feature I think about myself are my eyes and freckles. I am hispanic and have a Facebook (that I MAY deactivate!) Ummmm.... I love drawing in comments in chibi style and love being in chat rooms filled with nice people my age. Oh, btw.. dont be fooled if you think I'm niice :) I alsooo am ADDICTED to Pokemon!! Errrr... I think that's it... WAIT!! My gender-bend is Marshall. (YESS MARSHALL AS IN MARSHALL LEE FROM ADVENTURE TIME <3) Guess that's goodbye! ;)

June 20th, 2012: I graduated! ^^ On the 13th. WOOT FOR 9TH GRADE!!!!! >:D I'll be ready!

August dunnothedate x3:

Saw my best friend cry in front of me, sad <:c But I helped him feel better <3 I think... =ovo'=