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im not a fan of hatena... im not sure to post flips but i like to watch madness combat like the dawn of madness zombie style but im a busy guy i dont get to make flips so im letting you guys chose what i should make because my rank is dropping to the 1,000's and i like it where in the hundreds so if my rank is under 500 then ill give you that many stars and who is this guy thats copying my flipnotes? im really ticked about that so lets move on... now ill post a flipnote about this idea contest oh and if you have asian dynasties please add me to ur friend list my name is specterhq... if you guys have any questions about my flipnotes ill try to answer most of them so... thats all i have to say oh please add stars to my flips i need my rank back to where it was and my highest rank was 86 like jessica oh one more note for the reporters to BOSS could you guys quit ur jealousness? you know it goes against the terms of use plus why is there haters? i bet you reporters cant tell me that oh and one more thing im quitting the scene of Darkshadow because i wanted to cover for BOSS but hes back sorry MelodyRAWR & Kaulana:( so.. cy'a