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Hey there, I'm Rooster, creator of M V.S H series in FH! 4 more info., read my desc.

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Hey there, I'm Rooster, creator of M V.S H series in FH! 4 more info., read my desc.

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Hello! My name is Rooster. My Most Popular series are called Mario V.S Hatena. If you see them, you'll love them!

Here are some of my Hatena friends:

[M.H], NickK0, Josue, Luis, Dark, Crazy Fox, X Fire MH, Magician, Acid Ace, and KiwiWolf. Thank you for being my friends and fans of M V.S H!

Thanks to my fans, I kept doing my series with more power to do them.

If you don't like Mario and you like Sonic, there's a Sonic V.S Hatena series right now in Hatena for the Sonic fans.

Enjoy my Flipnotes!

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(August 19, 2014 update):

I came back to join the new Hatena Blog, to see how are they working with Flipnote Studio 3D and might find old friends. Wow, it's been a long time! 0_0

(July 1, 2015 update):

Flipnote Studio 3D has finally arrived on Feb. 2015 as a free download for Club Nintendo members for a limited time. The app's cool, but there's no Flipnote Gallery... I still make some sprites and add color to old ones, but I'm not sure whether I would be ready to continue Mario V.S Hatena: Season 3. Most Hatena services are being shut down (including Hatena DSi codes and Hatena Haiku). I'll remember this place ya know? The memories never d!e...

Full name

Martín Martínez






October 26, 1996

Blood type, wut?


I'm studying Science of Arts and Videogame Design, Concentration: Programming.


Atlantic University College

Place of residence

Arecibo, P.R.

Place of birth

Arecibo, P.R.


Playing videogames, dodgeball, beating WRs and Speed Runs, doing my series, making sprites, Cyberscore, etc.

Special skills

Drawing, spriting, typing at the keyboard without looking, Speed Runs, beating WRs!


Español, English, American English, and Spanglish.


You can find me on by searching "Rooster2696". I compete w/ videogames vs. people around the world.